[GSL vs. the World 2018] Grand Finals Stats vs Serral Set5-Set7

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[GSL vs. the World 2018] Grand Finals Stats vs Serral



I never thought I'd see the day when a non-korean would win an SC2 tournament. Wow!!!

CarlosEdu says:

Serral is a badass!!!!,

anton pohl says:

best set of casters <3 and holy f insane finals and amazing turnament 😀

Stoeff1987 says:

Best series, best play – greetings from a Terran.

Jay Mirasty says:

that's how its done…lol  GG

cherubin7th says:

I am so bored of watching Star Craft 2 now. It is just so predicable, when it is Zerg vs Protoss, Protoss loses. I knew Protoss will lose and I was right, as it is always the same. Better watch Dota 2 I guess I don't know.

최윤제 says:

스타는 한국임

Jonathan says:

better without sound!!!

Michael Harne says:

At this point it would be a relief to see this guy smile… Reptile?!

Shiang Yang Cheah says:

Holy shit serral's voice doesn't match his face at all man lol. No wonder he turned to SC2 (or video games in general)

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