[GSL vs. the World 2018] Ro.16 Day2 Match2 Rogue vs INnoVation

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[GSL vs. the World 2018] Ro.16 Day2
Serral, Kelazhur, Rogue, INnoVation, Neeb, Dark, Classic, Scarlett


박정원 says:

병렬아 빨리 탈락시켜줄꼐 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 인터뷰 웃기네

Mage Front says:

The zerg is got fucked on his face by terran swarm.

M3t4lManiac says:

This game is garbage. Just always bet on the Terran winning in TvZ. For 8 years the story has been the same. Terran just has to rally his units to the zerg base and it's game over.

Andrew Gunner says:

this should’ve been a final

li li says:

1:00:15 Rogue BM???

IIkingdomII says:

medivacs should be made into land units that have 1 heal radius that does not autocast. and they can't heal something that's currently being attacked.
the fact that a medivac can heal faster than a zergling can attack, is fucking ridiculous.

IIkingdomII says:

perfectly played terran beats perfectly played zerg. what's new?

also, yes tastless, the first 2 games are very illustrative. Innovation's push on first game got crushed, so the game dragged on for another 30 minutes. Innovation's push on the 2nd game did good, so the game ended pretty much immediately.

Ryan Geluz says:

This translator looks so stressed out. Lol.

Faisal Adel says:

rogue is the strongest player in sc2 now no doupt. but the thing is that he lacks INNOVATION in his builds. they all look the same.

Arik says:

Hope we get to see Maru vs INnoVation, who gets the title of best terran

Northernspear says:

Rogue is either overhyped or overrated. Same strats, same mistakes. What's worse, Inno is already doing same strats to win and still Rogue is unable to capitalize against the robot!

Ron Happold says:

What's up with the translator? He looks like he's tripping balls and trying to look normal lmao

Matthew Griebner says:

2018, terran master strat, rally marines and marauders….

maru says:


내딸50서영이 says:


chaidaro says:

what's song is it at 43:32? Thanks!

Anatman_ says:

I guess the sound guys at GSL don't read the comments. MUSIC TOO LOUD >>>너무 큰 음악

ShiroiKage009 says:

Rogue saying he's going to break iNnoVation's big nose was hilarious.

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