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Hot Webcam Girl looked like she was watching and when I looked over I saw that she was looking down watching my hand as it slid up and down my cock. After a few minutes Jen seemed to get bolder and she asked me what I was thinking about. I was kind of shocked but answered that I was thinking about Alex’s ass. Jen seemed interested in my answer and asked a few more questions like what about Alex’s ass did I like and how did it look. I told her I always loved how round and full her ass was and that simply looking at it always made me hard. I even went as far as to tell her how hot it was looking at Alex’s tight little asshole. Just the sight of it had always made me really hard and was almost enough to make me cum without even doing anything. I couldn’t believe the things I was saying but alcohol has a funny way of allowing you to let down your guard and really say what’s on your mind.

With thoughts of Alex’s ass in my head and cock now fully exposed I was jerking off and getting very close to Cumming. Hot Webcam Girl said a few more things one of which caused me to shoot cum all over my stomach. She leaned a little close to me on the bed and it felt like her mouth was right near my ear. She whispered, “You must have loved sticking your finger into her tight little asshole.” As soon as I heard those words my cock jerked and cum started shooting out all over my stomach.

I lay motionless for a little then Hot Webcam Girl jokingly suggested that I go to the bathroom and clean myself up. I got out of bed and walked to the bathroom turning on the light I swung the door shut. I was in kind of a daze as I reached for a towel and wiped the cum off my stomach. I was wondering to myself if that had just really happened, had I really jerked off in the same bed as Hot Webcam Girl and did she really say all those filthy things. When I eventually walked back out of the bathroom and made my way over to the bed I saw that Hot Webcam Girl was sleeping.

The next morning when I woke up was just like the other one Hot Webcam Girl was already in the shower getting ready. When she came out she gave me a smile and said good morning then told me I should hurry up because we were supposed to meet our parents for breakfast. Throughout the day there was no mention of the night’s activities and eventually we were at the wedding reception. Hot Webcam Girl and I hung out by the bar for a while having drinks, we even danced with each other at some point in the night. By the end of the reception it seemed that we had both drank a good amount and were feeling buzzed. We made our way back to the hotel room once inside Hot Webcam Girl disappeared into the bathroom as I made my to the bed turning on the TV.


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