How to Stay Fit at Home Over the Holidays As Seen on WINK TV

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While we may not have to deal with the brutal winters down in Southwest FL, it’s always a little bit easier when you can work out at home rather than having to go to a gym. So we’ve brought in our Health & Fitness Expert Stephanie Mansour to give us some easy ways we can work out at home.

First, set your home up for success by using organizational baskets! My family got these from Burlington. Put your organizational items out in the open so they cross your mind and motivate you everyday.

Next, set up your own gym at home. Here, check out this easy system great for all levels. Improving your shoulder strength at home is super easy to do and helps build up muscle. When you’re recuperating from an injury, doing this at home is convenient.

If you’re dealing with an injury, make sure you’re stocked with the appropriate items for your body. Use a knee brace when you feel an ache in your knee to prevent any further injury.

Next, if you’d rather work out outside, make swimming more fun with an underwater music player! You can track your swimming and use as a watch.

Speaking of water, keep hydration nearby. Coconut water is a great alternative to soda. Make sure you read the ingredients on these things!

Also, keep healthy snacks on hand. Nut butters are filled with healthy fats and lots of protein, but make sure there are no added oils in the butters. Protein bars are great to keep on hand and are filled with protein that will help keep you full

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