[IDOL RADIO] 전소미가 부르는 "BIRTHDAY" ♬♪

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[IDOL RADIO] 전소미가 부르는 “BIRTHDAY” ♬♪

[IDOL RADIO] EP258 전소미



Brian Westfield says:

I hope she’ll finally obtain the success she’s been striving for all these years. This song is pretty good. But I can’t help but wait for the right song for her.

Kurt Cobain says:


Kenneth Calderon says:

Fck somi 😍😍😍

Fashion Photos collection says:

Do human dance like this 😏😏😕😕

Orochimaru Sensei says:

Yg gni enak kalau di entoood

Reveluv 909 says:

She looks like momo

Tuấn Trịnh says:

Tao đang nhìn cái gì vậy

Willy Raharja says:

ajg cantik parahh bgsat

Kenji Qc says:

El comentario en español que esperabas, no sé porque está en recomendaciones si no veo chinitas :'3

Rhekyluhur A says:

Nikmat apa yang kau dustakan 😗

경계 선 says:

Amazing wowman

epic anime says:

whats wrong with me i dont like her so much

FrozenLemonAnime&Gaming says:

Omg now im hard

TheDaonx says:

Sorry but I'm touching myself tonight

queen ayabar says:

Is it just me?? or does the dj really looks like sugaa??

Newgate Edward says:

I thought she was nancy initially.

Jessada Boonkeaw says:


IhsanNs says:

Her name????

Fikri Dikha says:

Mukanya mirip adelia istrinya pasha.. Tp bodynya goal bnget

Yoga says:

Aduhai.. Andai jodohku gini

The Undefeated says:

Fck my shorts ..
No no no not that shit no!!
Sh*t!! Here we go again!

Sardar Khan says:

She is even more gorgeous without makeup ❤️❤️❤️

Heru Rangkuty says:


Haroko san says:

I never clicked this fast before.

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