Japanese Adult gameshow

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Kevin Perry says:

what what the fuck

enderboy says:

It is both because Japan and Korea merged

CeaclessTrevor3 - Gameplay and a lot more! says:

End my suffering

Anthony Casugay says:

how much is the second girl

Dana Tolbert says:

This billshit got me all horny

Saah Oficiaaal says:

Koreans no Japan

stacey james says:

what is this game show called?

onlythewise1 says:

wow always funny and good by Asians , prudes stay out of game

常思懿 says:

i have a doubt,a really mans dick must go stright

kid shaleen says:

Unbelievable.. This world has disregarded all morality..

Pozvaty says:

Seguro es un programa en Japon porq en Corea no aceptarían esto

RitchieTakes Ls says:

KOREA!? So dis wut is happening in Korean shows…..

M&K Gang says:

Why are
Areas like this a round

Meg Beatriz Claire Angeles Resquir says:

The First Video is Korean Gameshow Not In Japan syrly?😌

HomoEconomicusX says:

bullshit …


the first girls are russian

Jack Faber says:

No. The first appropriate part is Korean, but the scene changes to a Japanese show. Korea never made these kinds of perv shows (as in part 2). That is a japanese show.

午後の紅茶 says:

It isn't Japan.
This is Korea

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