Jurassic Park The Game Alternate Ending

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What if Nima saved the canister instead of saving Jess. To be honest I think people want to see NINJA GERRY in action again.


kabouterwesley83 says:

I always wondered what whould happen if Nima would choose the canister. Now I know.

Dragon_ Wolf_ says:

Oof that sucks; poor Atlanta (I forgot her name)

Akio Toons says:

1:01 was it worth it?

Daniel Soto says:

Well at least they can still manage to save Nima's daughter

Matt Koulouvi says:

noooooooooooooo nima

John McCain says:

a liepleurodon would of ate their boat.

John McCain says:

Jurrasic Park the game = no sea reptiles. :_(

Alex Miranda says:

That sucks for Nima

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