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Bukchang-dong is a bustling place in the center of Seoul. It is also a place where a lot of workers gather after work and enjoy the night. Today, I wandered around Bukchang-dong alley here. I am grateful that today has passed safely as I watched numerous people passing by.

[ About Clip ]
Location: Bukchangdong (북창동) / Seoul / South Korea

Equipment: Osmo Pocket 4K, 60FPS

[ Channel Information ]
This is a project that aims to renew the ‘Where I Live’, which has become a boring routine and has lost much inspiration.

It would be a VLOG to someone.
It would be a short story or essay to someone.
It would be a REAL Korean Travel Guide to someone.


I hope that the thoughts and perspective of one person living in Seoul will be fully conveyed.


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