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Gugudan Airport Arrival @ Changi Airport Terminal 2 Taken using Samsung Galaxy S8+.
60FPS 1080P | Girls’ Generation(SNSD, 소녀시대) – I Got A Boy, 2013 Incheon Korean Music Wave 20130919 “Enjoy your favorite performance with 60FPS FULL HD video!” FPS means ‘Frame Per Second’. It has 60frames in [More]
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Brazilian model Andressa Ferreira flaunts her curves on Legendários TV show for the game “Exame de Vista – Pintura ou Roupa?” (Sight Examination – Painting or Clothing?). This is a short extract from the episode [More]
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180909 낸시 Nancy 모모랜드 MOMOLAND ‘BAAM’ 4K 60P FANCAM @Korea Japan Festival 4K 60P FANCAM by DaftTaengk
[Promo] 2018 GSL S3 Finals – The Last Battle – TY(T) vs Maru(T) – Saturday, September 15th, 17:00 (KST)
[ENG] AfreecaTV StarLeague(ASL) S6 Ro.24 Day6 Group F: Sharp, Yerim2, Guemchi, Light Group Nominations
[ENG] 2018 GSL Season 3 Code S Finals Finals: TY vs Maru
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