[Promo] 2018 GSL vs. the World

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[GSL vs. the World] This is a festival of stars.


Christopher Simms says:

Amazing promo! I can't wait.

Joseph Poon says:


조선누룽지 says:

우리 병렬이 한테 왜 그랬냐

kc 3182x says:

Don't judge a book by itself because the Koreans are going to own them again!!

ventem11 says:

My body is ready!

Chris Chan says:

Give me more HAS!

Grassy Tiger says:

This was cool but artosis looks a little chunky at his belly

내딸50서영이 says:


Jacob G says:

im soo ready to see Maru vs serral

Stasoline says:

What a wonderful video. Love ya Dan!

Igbarash says:

GSL is the only reason I have to live.

tdreamgmail says:

Where did that spare tyre come from?

Some guy says:

Who wrote this incredible nonsense?

danielgr86 says:

When you recognize every single one of them…spend more time watching sc2 than playing it.

The Shadower says:

lol that was the strangest Starcraft ad I've ever seen. Also why does Artosis look so thicc?

EySoyCoco says:

Loving the Tosis in this one. Y'know, casters are a fucking force of this game, it'd be cool if they used them more for things like these.

Cakez509 says:

Sohype for this, a little blizzcon sneak peek at how our boy Serral will perform against the best in the world

miuaia1 says:

Artosis rocking the belly xD

LordPhiliam says:

Christmas comes early this year!

José Carlos Gómez Peña says:

Artosis pylon

ilsegugio says:

well, that was amazing

Memory Banker says:

I dont care if it's cringe, I love you Artosis! Sorry, Tasteless, but this nerd does have a bit more love for Arty bro. Tasteless you are by far the best second nerd that Starcraft has and will ever know.

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