PSY싸이 – GANGNAM STYLE (강남스타일) Waveya 웨이브야 Korean dance team

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Dance training : Ari
Recording & Editing & Costumes : Ari

+82 10-2427-4577


Srchangwaytogo C. says:

Jesus! Ari is so insanely beautiful here, why on Earth she let surgery alter that face! (2017 comment BTW)

Daniela Viegas says:

melhor que muita brasileira que acha que sabe dançar.

Filip Josic says:

087532214680–08764312111117890=–89—89090—00000987056669969669606-6 87yy9o60079999000067899065455789998089090

Media Noche says:

There is some talent here with the Choreograph.  Who is the Choreographer?

Aurum says:

I suppose I'll be the one to point out that DooRi needs a new skirt.

Lola lolita says:

la de chores rojos tenia tacones pero diferentes

turned vampire in 1562 says:

Sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 👄

Into thy hands says:

This is why I have no interest in western women

Duda Nodare says:

só eu de br '-' ???

Brikthor says:

34k girls can't dance in heels

Ihateleftieliberalcunts says:

Wipe the floor. Wipe the fucking floor. Asian girls FTW Everyfuckingtime.

Rafael Vasques says:

show that pussy

supultra says:

red and yellow are hotties

loknath prabhat says:

Who's that in red?

Sha Dorsey says:


EMIL Dahren says:

f*ck girls 😂😂

HaloNeko says:

how do they do that in heels

Jack Parr says:

Yikes they are soooo hot…. I'd definitely put my chin on all 5

ксения зайцева says:

русские приём

Stephen Schneider says:

y r their skirts the color of power rangers

Emister DaQueen says:

Wow I found a video where there not tewrking and actually danxing

Naomi Campos says:

laik si les gusto

modelsfan says:

I would butter all their muffins 😛

O Mendigo Do You Tube D says:

vem!!!! vem!!!! meteoro pq esse Mundo e loko demais

Illegalquantity says:

Best dancer in green short

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