Sexy Crazy Japanese Game Show-Hot Girl 18+

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Sexy Crazy Japanese Game Show-Hot Girl balloon pump 18+
The weirdest television program coming out in Japan. Shows Japanese show their extravagance, and some even frightening.

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Crazy Japanese television program
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ElKesoBolo says:

nomas pienso ir a probar un heladito… creo… que despues me vuelvo

Bultaoreune-Chan says:

The show is Korean and not Japanese

shiroyasha 24 says:

ese no suena japones mas bien parece koreano

NotriXz Aravena says:

los japoneses estan locos :v no entiendo como pueden darle like a semejante mierda

sư hoàng nhật says:

sau thảm họa sóng thần động đất, đáng tiếc sự thanh trừng chỉ lọc ra những kẻ bệnh hoạn !

Mac Guiver Quispe says:

Khé Berga? ._.

Dollface Collie says:

how did I get here?

Setoshi says:

that's korean..

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