SEXY Japanese Game Show – OMG Must See

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Game Show


JEO says:

What's the name of this gameshow? Pls someone tell me

Pedro henrique says:

i want to be in that game

นิรันดร์ รวงผึ้ง says:


Naythan Lee says:


Pandora Glasscock says:

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Ronju Khan says:



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Adrian Hodgson says:

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Jesus Is My Savior says:

What's wrong with you Japan?

Walay Ayo says:

wana migrate to JAPAN

hasari guney says:

yabancı kadınlar çok güzel

Udai Shankar says:

Boy,, what's the name of the game show? wish i knew the name of the girl on the left

Rob Shaw says:

touch my balls whores

Jennyrose Manuel says:

Hmmmm dusto Hindi kayo nahihiya so imberrising ka babae ninyong tao ganyan kayo

Shana Jameston says:

daily component

Juanna Nikki says:

Clearly you change to gain added

Catherine C says:

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writer wake says:

they are so ugly.

mr viper says:

could u plz upload the full video with hd format???

BlackfireVatsal says:

what type of game is this

Sergio Lobato says:

In many ways we can learn from the wisdom of the East. 

Anna G says:

It's funny how japan videos are always getting so much dislikes

alan ramadhan says:

japan is good

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