Sexy Japanese game show

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yugo ogami says:

I wish im Japanese 😊

LIGMA _ says:

prefer anime versionXD

Kristel Ann Alpar says:

This is every man's dream 😂

Mua Haha says:

Well now I get turned on when I see trains, thanks Japan lol

Ace Mali says:

LOL I want to be a train brrrr🍌

Fatma Naqvi says:

I can't understand a word! 😂

GG GamerGuy5533 says:

I cannot watch this till end it so fucking stupid

YoonMin's Innocent Daughter says:

I was watching memes…It took me here… :/ WTF?!?!?!?!?!??!

greafin clynton says:

gems terkoyol ini membuktikan manusia suda bayak yaang melupakaan sang pencipta

يوسف يوسف says:

منو عربي ليك يثبت وجودك

Jason .Oliver says:

Jesus why aren't these shows in America? someone tell me why??

Eric RV says:

My mans on the first one are living the dream

Enrique _2007 says:

Wtf is this

Audy Fm says:


Rio D says:

I was watching pewdiepie. He took me here

Esteban Ayala says:

Where do I sign up to be a part of this seriously where

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