sexy korean girl dancing

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sexy cute girl trying to push you away 0:24
money shot, too sexy and too hot for life 0:40

EXID – Ah Yeah
이엑스아이디 – 아예

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john smith says:

the skirt makes me want to attach little weights to it so it doesn't pull up as she dances

CounterlessChuck says:

that 40 seconds move got me right in the feels.

Heinrich says:

Send bob and vagena pic.

alonso alan says:

Can i get your phone nomber boob you are sexy

terrencej18 says:

Lol she's cute

Brandon Jinjiyoshi Tilley says:

dog: are you done yet? When can i show off my sick moves?

Jimin's Muscles on a barbeque stick !!!! says:

i found her in a ben deen video

gelpfortonimum xd says:

Flat ass not my type of girl

blkbtty82 says:

So beautiful makes my heart pound

Moormores says:

My future wife is back…

Jonny Colt says:

Nice legs momma! Hurt me hurt me …

antonio kurtz says:

I love your stuff your always so beautiful

flapjackxl says:

Those are some pretty cool dance moves.

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