Sexy Korean Girl Dancing – EXID – UP&DOWN – 이엑스아이디 – 위아래

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0:52 lazy, can’t even dance but still hot
1:09 de queen, show us de wey

Song: EXID – UP&DOWN – 이엑스아이디 – 위아래

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Ed Findlay says:

Looks expensive!

Yordi Van trichtveldt says:

here for the music

Dancing Forever says:

I reported you on all your videos and most people did too and LIL GIRL. Go sit down and go back to school bc you not even shaking nothing BUT BONES TF

Dancing Forever says:

Capital THOT

j schindler says:


Chocolate love says:

sexy korean girl
You look like VANILLA dont you want to mix that with a bit of CHOCOLATE ?

Its Hample says:

I just came here from a random video. Didn't know this was provided on youtube

Nøderak says:

What is this "da wae" stuff I've seen of late?

DrBadToyZ zz says:

Gimmi a bag so I can puke disgusting using there bodies for views

John North says:

Does she just like every fucking comment?

Critical Ops 0fq says:

like ur legs

fukacuck 99 says:

Pop that pussy KoKo! 😉

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