She is the Hidden Weapon of JYP! Hwang Ye Ji, Please Come Up on the Stage! [THE FAN Ep 2]

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Full episodes can be found on KOCOWA 👀
Watch Full Episodes on the Web ▶
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Sumi Pessl says:

Omg the things she does with her hair (like in this or in dalla dalla) kills me😍😍😍😍👏👏👏👏


Itzy's first win

Jus tin says:

Ma bias in ITZY😍😍

All Sdf says:


VRN says:

Jadi ITZY itu ada yg dari sini membernya OMG ! xD

Hyde Riordan says:

I dont see the charisma she dont know the lyrics she cant sing in english, yeah the tittle is right. But she can dance in a so badass mode, she would be good as a dancer

revitaa putri says:

She's is chinese?


She kinda reminds me seulgi idk know why??? And they kinda look a like too

joan maladiona says:

Wow is she the leader of itzy?

Frank The Tank!!! says:

Mom I know what I want for Christmas !!!

Can says:

Her eyes are no joke

Althea Gay Pagurayan says:

Gosh Hwang Yejiiiiii

SeventeenCarat says:

Something about her stage presence pulled me towards her. Like I the other girls but I didn’t pay attention to them. As she had caught my eye

Shifa Apriliani says:

Her outfit really same like chungha when at song intro dance bb (blooming blue), i think they are not same at outfit only, maybe talent too😄

Mina Aja says:

i found my new bias uwuuu 😘

Faith *** says:

1:20 hit you with a dududdu 😂😂😂😂

Wade Franxis says:

till 2018: MINZY
from 2019: YEJI


mathias bhardi says:

So ugly and bad

nyx silvoza says:

Ching chong ching chong ~ yesss wooo

Kim Gomez says:

Jennie is shaking 👌

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