Stellar Sexy Korean Girls Dancing 스텔라 [60fps 4k]

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Stellar is a South Korean girl group whose line-up is composed of Ga-young, Min-hee, Hyo-eun and Jeon-youl.
Origin: Seoul, South Korea (2011)
Members: Jeon-yul, Kim Ga-young, Joo Min-hee, Lee Hyo-eun, Cho Young-jin, Kim I-Seul
Albums: Distance, Atlantean Moon, Sting, Heartbeat of the Universe, Marionette
Lead singers: Kim Ga-young, Kim I-Seul (2011 – 2012)
Genres: K-pop, Synthpop, Dance-pop

링크 인스타그램
밤비노의 알파요, 오메가, 빛과 소금같은 존재의젖하다
데뷔 초기 귀여움과 섹시함을 겸비한 매력으로 많은 직캠 영상들을 통해 밤비노가 주목 받는데 가장 큰 역할을 한 멤버

남성 잡지 맥심에도 등장한 바 있다.

Korean dance girl group Bambino has blown up lately when the public’s attention was caught by member Eunsol’s sexy dancing on a fancam video. Her video has now gotten over 1 Million views on Youtube!A fancam of Banbino’s dance performance went viral due to the epic wardrobe malfunction that can be seen on member Hadam, and fans speculated that the members weren’t wearing underwear for the performance. Bambino performed an original dance to Redfoo‘s song “New Thang.” Some have compared this instance to a similar one that occurred recently involving Girl’s Day’s Sojin.

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