[Stellar – Vibrato] K-Force Special Show 170714 [60FPS]

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Gatcha_ Fam says:

Why is it all men?

Anubis Coc says:

Esos man's se van a hacer una triple paja a manito cambiada

Little Mix says:

poor things

duda says:

their dancing looks so sloppy bc you can see how uncomfortable they are… im so sorry for the girls 🙁

sakamuras s says:

many a toilet paper went missing from the latrines that evening….

ayu sri wulan dari ayu bts jimkooksug says:

Gak patut di turutin nih dence

JenMIin Minino says:

They have been forced to the concept and have to dance where I can see that they do not feel too comfortable

cedric wang says:


leidy possu says:

Me siento mal por las chicas, se debieron sentir super incomodas especialmente en un auditorio lleno de hombres.

M N says:


Evy says:

Men…are creepy and disgusting no matter where you look

lalisa queen. says:

They're so uncomfortable.

Roger Nevez says:

underweared ladies in front of desperate animals ….

Langgam Bujang says:

Is there gayoung & junyool here?

Zako Kamko Indonesian says:

what is that?

Lorena Dominguez says:

No sé qué me llama más la atención, si sus caras de incomodidad o los gritos de los pajeros

TheTyphoon365 says:

We need this in US army

Gu rango says:

Ini sih Cantik tapi bau…

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