The Lady Japanese Participants Don’t Want the Game Stop!

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One of them was enjoying the game while the other two Japanese participants were just acting. The audience have to see which one was the one that was enjoying by looking at their faces and action. Nice game~! The Girls must be have a lot of fun there!



Jaylaisapapi says:

That room is probably smelling like fish


Who here likes KPOP

ιмѕl says:

Como llegué aquí :v

Tammy_Cake says:

What's the name of this TV Show??

kdjdj bdjd says:

why was I fingering myself

La YoongaBonga says:

Wtf is thIs omg .-.

UrMumEatsSalad .MrAsian says:

I’m on that side of YouTube again

mmn ryz says:


MoonChild :I says:

I realized after watching this I'm never going to heaven

Livian• says:

A mina chupando o microfone… Pensa em um choque doido

CamilG says:

Re turbio men

Christian Rellora says:

Cool i wanna visit there

Annie 567 says:

What is the meaning of the show, what are they trying to do like what is that white stuff?

F⃟Y⃟ G⃟ says:

Damn they are ugly af

Fatal Error says:

What the fucking shit? ¿! ¡

ImThisty ForBts says:

Can someone please tell me how the fuck I ended up here????

la capoper_ says:

Estaba viendo bts y me aparecio esto alv akdnald :"v

Diamante Dea says:

The hell…

Dhylan San Pedro says:

What gameshow is this?



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