The sexiest KPOP Female Idols Fancams [PART 1]

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Eisma Allya says:

Hyuna from 4minute is so sexy

Vania Mhd says:

Yall doesnt have seen Jennie's whistle fancam yet

Fvcking Jams says:

Tzuyu, Momo, Hani, Hyuna(4Minute), Choa, Bora, Seolhyun, Soyou, Suzy

Marshall Roels says:

What is the 2nd intro song? 0:06

Janel Unicorn says:

Kim Hyuna ❤️😍

Stephen Podesta says:

KPOP is so rubbish, they cant sing and it all about sex.


Hani Oppa!!!

Pitoy- Pitoy Bayag Jr. says:

K – pop is not far for being a bar dancer

gmcjetpilot says:

Some of them are trying so hard…. that is OK…. keep trying…. ha ha.

Zikri 1015 says:

this is why …

nyi lever says:

Shake dat azz

alvin louie says:

They love sex thats y they have good body

tj mac says:

K-Pop, strippers for the underage. These girls are better than most lap dances I've received. Bit disturbing it's geared to the young.

Turbocharged Dude says:

Pretty faces… but, the butts are too flat for most of them to be shaking it.

Youpie Curry says:

Just imagine their tight hairy pussies, so nice

Jack Mehoff says:

Thanks for the boner!

Renata Minki says:

Como se llama la segunda canción del intro ?

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