TOP 10 BEST Fancam Sexiest KPOP Dance [LAYSHA BAMBINO]

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►TOP 10 BEST Fancam Sexiest KPOP
00:00 :Laysha
01:12 :BAMBINO
02:34 :Chic angel
03:42 :fiestar
07:57 :EXID
08:35 :Dimepiece
09:50 :Mercury
11:26 :Sixbomb
13:04 :stellar
16:15 :rainbow
17:40 :ACE
18:46 :rose queen


Candra Hadi Wijayamulya says:

isnt it called "pop" for its song? all i can see is dance…

Mira Sadek says:

they look more like strippers not singers…

JustThaor says:

Does she?

Rumpelstinski Mc says:

Film horizontaly ya cunt

Daniel Gouveia says:

Look at the girl at 5:00, she almost starts to cry man

Tifye LV says:

Why do i feel like i'm drunk while watching this video?

Universal Music Korea says:

help to subcribe me bak please

Michelle Dz says:

they look beautiful but…. these girls cant dance…

Ellie says:

what's the name of the fiestar song?

Jasmine Sain says:

What song is the member from exid is performing to?

Elsiya says:

EXID UGH. <333 So hot and sexy and talented.

Ана Ларина says:

Где русские?)

Don't trust BigHit says:

11:19 Did she really left her normal life that maybe she could do a lot in if she worked hard and chose to be an idol like that ?!!
tbh That's not hot that's sucks .. i'm sorry for that .. but seriously that was so bad .. i look at her face and i feel like she's really sad …
idk ..

PunPun says:

"music" hahahaha

Mohamed Kanu says:

all haters shut the fuck up

dem hara says:

they actualy cant dance

blqst kn says:

what song is this

Hobie and Minzy Is lifeu says:

If i wear that kind of clothes,my Mom will be like,"WHAT THE HELL IS THAT CLOTHES??!!!! IS THAT EVEN A CLOTHES???!!!!"

intu1t1on says:

These girls r hot n beautiful, why must resort to this

Rachmat Alamsyah says:

what song of number 1??

Ned Jackson says:

What is the song's list

Edward Boleche says:

sexy woow body hot

rini lee says:

it's not sexy but vulgar dance…. she is right idol? not BAR dancer? why dance like not wareing anything?

Paulina Sagrero Gonzalez says:

Fiestar 👅❤️

mert gürdoğan says:

they are legs better than my future

oh wow says:

dimepiece song ?

Rio Jessa says:

chic angel even the name's so strippish

Артём «Sony» go says:


Lee Taeyeong TY Nct says:

1:54 what's the name of the song?

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