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COEX is a complex exhibition space located at Samsung Station. Recently, after the renovation, it is welcoming Seoul citizens with a new look. COEX Mall, where you can feel another attraction of Gangnam, is always crowded with people. In particular, Starfield Library is famous. The uniqueness of shopping and reading together attracts people. If you visit Seoul, you should definitely stop by.

[ About Clip ]
Location: COEX Starfield mall (코엑스 스타필드) / Seoul / South Korea

Equipment: Osmo Pocket 4K, 60FPS

[ Channel Information ]
This is a project that aims to renew the ‘Where I Live’, which has become a boring routine and has lost much inspiration.

It would be a VLOG to someone.
It would be a short story or essay to someone.
It would be a REAL Korean Travel Guide to someone.


I hope that the thoughts and perspective of one person living in Seoul will be fully conveyed.


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